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  At Rose Bowl Lanes, we offer 24 lanes of automatic scoring, a game room for kids of all ages, and a full service kitchen with daily specials to satisfy your hunger.  Our Lounge has weekly entertainment including DJ's and Bands along with your favorite beverage and some of our favorites too!  So if you or your family are looking for fun and entertainment, come join us at Rose Bowl Lanes.  Since 1986, it's been our family serving yours.

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Youth Bowlers break City records

The Team "Rollers" youth 4 person male bowling team has broken their own 2013 record of 2641 with an unbelievable 2855.  All four bowlers rolled  700 series during their Rose Bowl Junior Scratch League on January 11, 2014.  This series also beat the Men's Association 4 man team series of 2732.

The team also beat the 2007 record high game of 952 twice with a 958 and new record high of 991.

             Ben Alt         276-210-217=703

     Derek Porter         256-222-264=742

  Eric Schneider         234-236-239=709

 Henry Spindler         225-238-238=701

                  Total Scratch series  2855


December 7th continued record breaking scores in the same youth scratch league the four person mixed team "Pinsmashers" rolled their way into the record books beating the 2007 high series of 2313 with a new all time high series of 2580.

                  Tony Purkis        258-258-242=758

          Zachary Theisen         172-199-162=533

               Mariah Purkis        249-237-213=699

     Samantha Strasser        168-190-232=590

                       Total Series Scratch    2580


The beginning of the record books scores being wiped out started on October 19th by the all female youth bowling team "Strikers" with an all time high series of 2274, which wiped out the previous 2011 series of 2180.

                     Amanda Libke         142-178-208=528

                   Jessica Purgett        192-197-188=577

                       Sierra Jones        156-199-235=590

                     Taylor Purgett        219-211-149=579

                               Total Series Scratch   2274